Magpie Unit Years 5 & 6


Welcome to the Magpie Unit!

Our classroom is made up of Year 5 and 6 students. The classroom is set up to provide all students with a safe to place to come and engage in their learning.

The classroom learning environment aims to include all learners and provide differentiated learning for the students in the classroom. This allows all students to feel success in different forms with similar results.
Students explore their learning through explicit teaching, group work, hands-on and real-life problem-solving strategies.

Over the course of 2022, we have explored literacy, using various modes of reading resources to allow students to indulge in literature. As well as delving into numeracy to develop a deep understanding of numbers and explore various strategies to solve math problems.

We have recently participated in the construction and development of lanterns for the Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival which has allowed us to work together in small groups, have a hands-on learning experience and be involved with the community.

Students have had the opportunity to represent their school in school sport. We have had a really great time getting students back out into activities beyond the school grounds. We have successfully participated in; basketball, football, soccer, cricket, netball and tennis.