Koala Unit
Years 2, 3 and 4


The Koala Unit accommodates the Year 2, 3 and 4 students. The combination of natural and warm lighting, and neutral colours within the room, creates a calm learning environment.

Learning is often literature based and the rich class library means that students read every day, talk about books they have read, share books with others and develop a love for reading.

As a multi-age classroom students’ individual needs are catered for through differentiated tasks that provide equal amounts of scaffolded support and intellectual stretch for all students. You will often see all students completing a similar task, with varied outcomes. We use a combination of explicit teaching of skills, problem-solving and inquiry learning and hands on tasks – using inside and outside learning spaces.

“I feel safe in the Koala Unit because I know the people really well. It a safe and comfortable room” – Hazel

“The teachers explain it in a way that is easy to understand without telling us the answer” – Charlie

“The teachers wait for us the figure it out and let everyone have a turn” Amelia

“Everyone is very including, and we are helped in tricky situations” – Rose

“It’s a small school so everyone knows each other very well. We are allowed to make cubbies” – Amelia