Wellbeing Dog

We are very excited to introduce Banjo, whose role is to support the health and wellbeing of students at our school.  Kylie (Miss K)  has recently completed specialised training to prepare for a wellbeing dog in our school and this year she welcomed BANJO to her home who will be a wellbeing support dog at Mylor.

Kylie and Banjo will complete specialist training during 2024 and as part of this training, Banjo will need to demonstrate a suitable temperament, a high-level of manners and good impulse control. In addition, Kylie will learn appropriate animal handling skills and a sound awareness of animal welfare topics.  During 2024 Banjo will visit as part of her training and socialisation but will not be in a ‘working’ role until she has completed all of her training.

Banjo is an Australian Cobberdog. The Cobberdog breed is family friendly, highly intelligent and have been selectively bred for strong human connection and traits that make them suitable for working roles in our community.  They are known for their sustained eye contact, low allergenic fleece coat, fun and goofy nature. Banjo has a non-shedding fleece coat which can better suit people with allergies or sensitivities.

It is envisaged that Banjo will support student engagement, assist with social skill development, aid with self-regulation and calming, among many other benefits.  Interacting with Banjo is completely voluntary.  All students and staff may choose to interact with Banjo if they feel comfortable.  Banjo will be closely monitored and managed using verbal commands, leads, and appropriate equipment to manage her behaviour throughout the school. It will not be possible for Banjo to attend school every day and she will have days at home to rest.

We look forward to sharing some exciting adventures of Banjo’s time at school.