Dingo Unit
Years 3-6


The Dingo Unit accommodates the Years 3-6 students. The combination of natural and warm lighting, and neutral colours within the room, creates a calm learning environment.

Learning is often literature based and the rich class library means that students read every day, talk about books they have read, share books with others and develop a love for reading.

As a multi-age classroom students’ individual needs are catered for through differentiated tasks that provide equal amounts of scaffolded support and intellectual stretch for all students. You will often see all students completing a similar task, with varied outcomes. We use a combination of explicit teaching of skills, problem-solving and inquiry learning and hands on tasks – using inside and outside learning spaces.

As the older students in the school, the students are provided with various opportunities to develop their leadership skills.  The students in the Dingo Unit plan and present activities for the Bandicoot students during Book Week and take turns to be “Yard Buddies” to support other students in the yard.

“I like being on the Dingo Unit on Monday’s because the puppy is here.  I also like reading books and Miss K gets lots of books” – Evan, Year 5

“It’s a good class because I am older, I get to help the little kids.  I like the class because there is a lot of books to read.” – Aleni, Year 5

“We have fidget tools that I can use when my hands are all fiddly.  I like Technology because we sometimes use the computer, and we are making a mosaic.”  – Linus, Year 3

Mosaic Project

The Dingo Unit is currently engaged in a project aimed at enhancing the view from our classroom window, as one of the windows faces a cement wall. Students have learned about the history of mosaics and the techniques involved in creating them.

Together, they have collaboratively designed a template featuring Australian animals and are currently affixing tiles to mesh. Once this phase is completed, the mesh and tiles will be mounted on the wall, the background will be directly tiled onto the wall, and then the grouting process will commence.

This activity serves as a team-building exercise, allowing students to work collectively, make fair decisions, prioritise safety, and develop a sense of pride in their school environment.

We look forward to sharing the outcome of the mosaic with you.