The Arts

Visual Arts

At Mylor we are proud to offer a specialist Visual Arts program to all students.

Each week students take part in Visual Arts sessions that continually build upon learning from Reception to Year 6, and explore a range of cultural and historical contexts. These sessions deliver the Australian Curriculum in a format designed to foster creativity and support students’ learning about themselves and the broader global community.

This ongoing learning culminates in senior students undertaking self-directed Visual Arts projects, supported by our specialist teacher Abbie Jones. Student works from all year levels are publicly presented alongside these projects in an exhibition that celebrates the achievements of Visual Arts learning at Mylor.

Abbie Jones

Abbie Jones

Performing Arts

Performing Arts consists of curriculum areas of dance, drama, media arts, and music. Students’ creativity and imagination are ignited through games, improvisation, songs, and other interactive activities. Performing Arts classes are designed to give students opportunities to create, design, and produce a range of artistic works. 

Alongside developing creative and performance skills, students build self-efficacy, confidence, and a sense of self as they are supported to step out of their comfort zones, try new things, and be brave.

It is emphasised that audience skills and performance skills are of equal value, so students engaged in opportunities to embed this through our school values of meaningful, yarning, leadership, opportunity, and resilience.

At the end of the year, the students showcase their learning and achievements with a whole school performance presented to the community.

Brad Martin

Brad Martin

Private Music Lessons

Violin and Viola Private Lessons

Emma Luker is an experienced violin and viola teacher, who welcomes children of all ages to learn how to play. She tailors lessons and repertoire to each student, with opportunities to learn Suzuki method, take AMEB exams in the future, or to learn whatever style of music a student is interested in! She comes with her WWCC and also RRHAN documentation.

Lessons are $30 for 30 minutes, with an option for a paired lesson $15 each student for 30 minutes.

Violins are available for hire at Size Music (8373 3370, 74 Glen Osmond Road.)

If you’d like to enquire about lessons, please contact Emma at

Guitar Private Lessons

Declan is an experienced guitarist who creates and performs music in a variety of different styles. Declan’s main focus is individual development and to keep his students enthused and interested in music.

He develops repertoire and technique around what the student wants to learn (as well as the core basics) to ensure they discover what they enjoy and excel at as musicians.

Email Declan on for further information.